Block electrolysis plant water disinfection with sodium hypochlorite "Plumb-2"

Block electrolysis plant water disinfection with sodium hypochlorite "Plumb-2"

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Description Block electrolysis plant water disinfection with sodium hypochlorite "Plumb-2"

Assignment settings: Getting disinfecting reagent (sodium hypochlorite solution) through electrolysis of salt solution. A solution of sodium hypochlorite is used to disinfect drinking water, wastewater, process water and swimming pools. Sodium hypochlorite - strong oxidant, in bactericidal effectiveness and impact on the quality of treated water meets actions liquefied chlorine bleach and other hloromistkyh reagents.

Installation can be used for chlorinating drinking water, disinfection of water supply systems for water treatment plants, wastewater decontamination, including biologically treated. Operating conditions must comply with GOST 15150-69, climatic performance UHL, category 4 room (air temperature of +1 ° C to +35 ° C, humidity 80% at + 25ºS).

Device and principle of the installation:Installation works on the principle of electrolysis of sodium chloride solution in single-electrolyzer. Formed in the electrolysis of sodium hypochlorite dosed continuously in the treated water.

The installation consists of:

Node cooking salt solution containing tanks made of polyvinyl chloride or stainless steel and the consumption of salt and water solution.Electrolyzers consisting of a cylindrical electrolysis chamber and placed her package electrodes.The power supply, which is a rectifier unit,voltmeter and ammeter completed.Hazoviddilnyka. It is installed after the electrolyzer and is designed to separate the gases formed by electrolysis of hypochlorite solution and removal of the atmosphere.

Electrolysis plant allows the disinfection of drinking water and wastewater disinfection with maximum quality.The most effective method of water disinfection - disinfection with sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite obtained in the electrolyzer, allows for disinfection of water as effectively as does liquid chlorine, but unlike chlorine, hypochlorite does not have toxic properties when properly used.Buy prepared sodium hypochlorite is not appropriate for many reasons. The most profitable obtain sodium hypochlorite on-site consumption through electrolysis installations, which can significantly reduce the cost of water disinfection. In addition, obtain on-site hypochlorite using not only beneficial, but also safer, because during long-term storage of sodium hypochlorite decomposes with the release of chlorine and oxygen.

The resulting sodium hypochlorite is practically non-toxic and has a high efficiency. Therefore, water disinfection takes place in accordance with sanitary requirements and norms of water. Applying in water treatment and sewage treatment stations modular electrolysis installations water disinfection "Plumb-2", you solve the problem of water disinfection once and for all.


1 Performance installations on active chlorine kg / day - 5

2 Specific consumption of salt per 1 kg of chlorine, 4.2 kg ~

3 The concentration of chlorine in hypochlorite solution, g / l 7 ÷ 8

4 electrolyzer voltage at 11 ± 2

5 Operating current electrolyzer, and 95 ± 8

6 Mass settings, 85 kg

7 installation * Dimensions, mm (width x depth x height) 1000 × 700 × 1400

8 Power Options settings 220 V, 50 Hz

9 The nominal installed capacity of the installation, kW 1,6

10 Rated power settings ~ 1 kW

11 Number of staff 1


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